Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta (NTU) Invesigating New Physic Models with Signature of Same-Sign Diboson Missing ET Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Prof. Hsin-Chia Cheng (UC Davis) A Theory of Dark Pions Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Hsu-Wen Chiang (NTU) First principle approach toward the information loss paradox Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Shoichi Kawamoto (NTHU) Momentum-space entanglement in scalar field theory on the fuzzy sphere Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Yuki Inoue Progress of gravitational observation in LIGO for the world-wide observation 4 and future activities Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Prof. Stathes Paganis (NTU) High PT Higgs excess as a signal of non-local QFT at the LHC Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Cheng-Pang Liu (NDHU) Spin-Dependent Dark Matter-Electron Interactions Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Robert Perry (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University) Lattice QCD calculation of Mellin moments for the pion distribution amplitude using the HOPE Method Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. We-Fu Chang (NTHU) A colorful framework to accommodate the observed anomalies nowadays Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Raymundo Ramos (Seoul National University of Science and Technology) Predicting exotic decays of the Higgs and the muon (g - 2) in a dark matter model Prof. Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Dr. Zeren Simon Wang (NTHU) Recasting and proposing searches for long-lived particles at the LHC Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Hugues Beauchesne (NCTS) The Mirror Twin Higgs and its cosmology Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Meng-Ru Wu (ASIoP) Collective fast neutrino flavor oscillations Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Kei Yamamoto (Hiroshima University) EFT approach in flavor symmetry Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Che-Yu Chen (ASIoP) Black Hole Quasinormal Modes in GR and Beyond Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Herlik Wibowo (Institute of Physics at Academia Sinica) Nuclear Shell Structure in a Finite Temperature Relativistic Framework Prof. Kingman Cheung (NTHU)
Dr. Robert Perry (NYCU) A Determination of the Second Mellin Moment of the Pion LCDA using the HOPE Method Prof. Kingman Cheung (NTHU)
Dr. Di-Lun Yang (ASIoP) Chiral kinetic theory and its astrophysical applications Dr. Girish Kumar (NTU)
Dr. Zeren Simon Wang (NTHU) Long-lived Sterile Neutrinos at the LHC in Effective Field Theory Prof. Kingman Cheung (NTHU)
Prof. Augustine E. Chen (NCU) Vacuum, Field and Particles Dr. Girish Kumar (NTU)