Category Interdisciplinary Research
Event Duration 2024-06-21 - 2024-06-22
Conference Name Complex Systems Symposium 2024
為了讓國內從事相關研究的學生有機會相互交換研究心得,並提昇老師之間的交流,複雜系統學術會議將由學生擔任講員,進行每人約15~20分鐘的演講(English Presentation is Encouraged),並提供充分的討論時間。
This is a forum for junior scientists (students, postdocs) to present and discuss their research in the fields of statistical physics, non-linear systems, soft matter, fluid physics, and biophysics. It is a great setting for exchanges and receiving feedback, finding common themes in various topics of frontier research.
Each presenter will have a 15 to 20-minute oral presentation, in addition to a poster presentation.  We welcome participants from different disciplines and fields interested in complex systems.

* 報名截止日期 : 2024/06/17。*
** 演講者請同時準備42cm(長)X59cm(寬)(A2大小)壁報節錄演講重點,以供poster session使用。**
Registration deadline: 2024/06/17 *
** Presenter should prepare a poster no larger than 42 cm (H) x 59 cm (W) (A2) **

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Contact person:
Jenny Tsai/ 03-571-2121#56228 /

You are so welcome to this conference.

Sign Up Duration 2024-05-02 - 2024-06-17
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Location S4-625,  Chien-Hsiung (Science 4) Building , NCU, Zhong-Li, Tao Yuan City