Category Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
Event Duration 2024-08-12 - 2024-08-15
Conference Name The 2024 Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO)Physics Summer School
Content Introduction:
The 2024 Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO)Physics Summer School will be held at Nat’l Taiwan University from August 12th (Monday) to August 15th (Thursday).

Experts in AMO Physics are going to give lectures and tutorials on the topics of quantum technology, superconducting qubits, cold-atom physics, quantum optics, comb lasers, precision spectroscopy. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate/graduate students and junior scholars to learn about cutting-edge research and the latest developments in the AMO physics, as well as for all participants to share and exchange their research experiences.

Organizing committee:
Invited Speakers
Local speaker
Prof. Chii-Dong Chen (AS)
Prof. Jun-Yi Wu (TKU)
Prof. Shih-Hsuan Chia (NYCU)
Dr. Kuan-Ting Lin (NTU)
Prof. Ying-Cheng Chen (AS)
Prof. Chun-Chia Chen (AS)
Dr. Sumit Goswami (AS)
Prof. Pin-Ju Tsai (NCU)
Prof. Li-Bang Wang (NTHU)
Prof. Yi-Hsin Chen (NSYSU)
Dr. Kai-I Chu (NCU) 
Foreign speaker
Dr. I-Kang Liu (Newcastle University, UK)

JY Hsu ( 03-5731267)
Sign Up Duration 2024-06-11 - 2024-08-01
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Location NCTS-Phys Lecture Hall, 4F, Chee-Chun Leung Cosmology Hall, NTU.
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