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Invited Speakers

Keynote Talks:
Prof. Ue-Li Pen - Academia Sinica Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics & Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
Dr. Rainer Beck - Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy

Lecture Series:
Prof. Bryan Gaensler - University of Toronto
Prof. Christoph Pfrommer - Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)
Prof. Tetsuya Hashimoto - National Chung Hsing University
Dr. Kate Pattle - University College London
Dr. Siyao Xu - Institute for Advanced Study

Highlight Science Talks:
Prof. Shih-Ping Lai - National Tsing Hua University
Prof. Anna Scaife - Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics / Alan Turing Institute
Prof. Hsiang-Yi Karen Yang - National Tsing Hua University
Dr. Amit Seta - Australian National University
Dr. Jennifer Yik-Ham Chan - Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics & University of Toronto
Dr. Ellis R. Owen - Osaka University