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Financial Support

Limited financial support is available. Deadline for financial support application: May. 18, 2023
• Accommodation expenses
  1. Students attending 2023 Summer School on First Principles Computational Materials Research - Introductory Level Level (Jun.26th-27th, 2023) whose affiliation is in Southern or Eastern Taiwan and would like to apply the financial support for your accommodation expenses for one night of Jun. 25th or Jun. 26th.  
  2. We support the accommodation expenses, with an upper limit of NTD 1200 per person per night. (Postdoc with an upper limit of NTD 2000 per person per night.)
• Transportation fees
         Only bus/Taiwan Railways train tickets are allowed to be reimbursed.

• The documents required for financial support
  1. bus/Taiwan Railways train ticket
  2. hotel receipt [The hotel receipt provided should state the title of 國立清華大學; tax ID number: 46804804.] 

If you have any question about the accommodation, please contact with Renee [email: / 03-5742256]