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9:25~9:45 Registration
Section Chair: Guang-Yu Guo
09:45~09:50 Opening Remark
09:50~10:40 Feng Liu (University of Utah)
Excitonic condensation in Yin-Yang flat bands
10:40~11:20 Michitoshi Hayashi (CCMS, NTU)
First principle simulation study of vibrational spectroscopy of a few layered systems of MoS2, WS2, and MoxW1-xS2 systems
11:20~12:00 Yuan-Chung Cheng (NTU)
Exciton-phonon couplings in condensed-phase molecular systems: Quantum Master equation approach and applications
12:00~13:10 Lunch
Section Chair: Yang-Hao Chan (AS)
13:10~14:00 Feng Liu (University of Utah)
High-temperature fractional quantum Hall state in floquet-Kagome flat band
14:00~14:40 Hsien-Chung Kao (NTNU)
Quasi-Hermitian extended SSH models
14:40~15:10 Break
Section Chair: Yang-Hao Chan (AS)
15:10~15:50 Yao-Wen Chang (NCTS)
Many-body effects in optical spectra of doped two-dimensional semiconductors
15:50~16:30 Shiue-Yuan Shiau (AS)
Coupling of exciton with Fermi sea and photon