[NCTS Seminar - Particle Physics Journal Club] Dark Matter Freeze-out via Forbidden Channels

  • Event Date: 2023-11-13
  • High energy phenomenology
  • Speaker: Prof. Kwei-Chou Yang (CYCU)  /  Host: Dr. Naoki Yamatsu
    Place: R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Title:Dark Matter Freeze-out via Forbidden Channels
Time:2023/11/13 (Mon.) 12:30
Place:R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Kinematically forbidden channels can set the freeze-out dark matter (DM) relic abundance. These are described by DM annihilations into heavier states, which vanish at zero temperature limit but occur at finite temperatures in the early Universe. I will discuss its underlying mechanism and the related searches in experiments.