Quantum Information and Quantum Computing

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Mr. Daniel Fink (University of Stuttgart, Germany) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Special Seminar] Simulating Stochastic Processes with Variational Quantum Circuits Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu (Dept. of Physics, NTHU) Quantum Information Processing with Photonic Integrated Devices Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Prof. Ming-Chang M. Lee (National Tsing Hua University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Integrated Quantum Photonics Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Gediminas Juzeliūnas (Vilnius University) Sub-wavelength optical lattices Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu (NTHU)
Prof. Po-Chung Chen (National Tsing Hua University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Bridging classical and quantum computation: from tensor network to quantum circuit Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Jie-Hong Roland Jiang (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, NTU) Towards Exact Simulation and Verification of Quantum Circuits Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Prof. Kuo-Hsing Kao (National Cheng Kung University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Cryogenic CMOS for High-Performance Computing and Quantum Computing Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Chia-Yi Ju (Dept. of Physics, NSYSU) Roaming in the Parameter Space --- Emergent Dimensions Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu (National Tsing Hua University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Quantum Information Processing with Photonic Integrated Devices Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Yen-Hsiang Lin (National Tsing Hua University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Development of Quantum Processor with Fluxonium Type Superconducting Qubits Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Jiunn-Wei Chen (Dept. of Physics, NTU) Fun with QCD Prof. Yeong-Cherng Liang(NCKU)
Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (Dept. of Physics, NTU) Accurate and efficient quantum computations of molecular propertie Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Mr. Chi-Fang Chen (California Institute of Technology) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Matrix concentration in quantum simulation and quantum dynamics Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Dr. Chris Lau (Kobe University, Japan) Quantum Mechanics, Information and Black holes Prof. Chung-Hsien Chou(NCKU)
Dr. Chien-Chang Chen (Department of Physics, National Taiwan University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Generalized master equation approach to dynamical steady states of a strongly driven two-level system Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Dr. Huan-Yu Ku (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria) Complete classification of steerability under local filters and its relation with measurement incompatibility Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Mr. Hsin-Yuan Huang (Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, Caltech) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Provably efficient machine learning for quantum many-body problems Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee (Department of Electrical Engineer, NTHU) Machine-Learning enhanced Quantum State Tomography Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Prof. Jie-Hong Jiang (Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Building a Quantum Compilation System: A Recent Progress  Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Yi-Te HUANG, Yen-Hsing LIN, Chin-Hsuan CHEN, Yu-Hsueh CHEN, Kuan-Hsuan SU, Yi-Chieh LAI, Wei-Yang LIU NCTS 2022 學生優秀理論論文獎頒獎典禮暨論文發表會 NCTS 2022 Student Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony & Workshop (Hybrid) Director Guang-Yu GUO