[NCTS Seminar - Particle Physics Journal Club] Annihilation of neutrinos in stellar explosions

  • Event Date: 2023-09-18
  • High energy phenomenology
  • Speaker: Dr. Meng-Ru Wu (Academia Sinica)  /  Host: Dr. Naoki Yamatsu
    Place: R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Title:Annihilation of neutrinos in stellar explosions
Time:2023/09/18 (Mon.) 12:30
Place:R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Stellar explosions such as supernovae and binary neutron star mergers are profuse sources of low-energy (MeV) neutrinos. Meanwhile, some of them are candidate sites for the production of high-energy (TeV-PeV) neutrinos that may contribute to the diffuse astrophysical neutrino flux detected in IceCube. In this talk, I will discuss how potentially important the annihilation of the high- and low-energy neutrinos from the same explosion site can be for two different scenarios, where the low-energy neutrinos are produced from the decay of unstable nuclei or emitted thermally from the central engine. I'll also discuss the potential consequences of this effect on the energy spectrum and the flavor ratio of the high-energy neutrinos.