(Xd)m  and its applications

Speaker : Dr. Tudor Isdraila (Tamkang University)

Abstract :
"d-dimensional quantum systems enhance current quantum key distribution protocols via a larger alphabet (and subsequent larger cryptographic key) and are more robust to noise. To harness this potential more effectively, native d-dimensional operations are preferable and open up new developments in quantum algorithms. The basic building blocks of any qudit operations are the d-dimensional Pauli-X (Xd) and Pauli-Z (Zd) gates. Previous approaches were able to implement only a specific Xd gate and it was fairly limited in Hilbert space dimension and qudit values. We propose a general form for the Xd gate in linear optical implementations with the quantum sorter as a key ingredient and orbital angular momentum as the degree of freedom. Moreover, we explore qudit tomography and propose an efficient implementation for the (Xd)m gate. Finally, we expand on high-efficiency quantum imaging by employing a linear lattice of pixels."