Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Mr. Wei-Xiang Feng ( UC Riverside ) Gravothermal phase transition, black holes and space dimensionality Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Yosuke Imamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) [NCTS-NTU String Seminar] Superconformal index and giant gravitons Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Yi-Te HUANG, Yen-Hsing LIN, Chin-Hsuan CHEN, Yu-Hsueh CHEN, Kuan-Hsuan SU, Yi-Chieh LAI, Wei-Yang LIU NCTS 2022 學生優秀理論論文獎頒獎典禮暨論文發表會 NCTS 2022 Student Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony & Workshop (Hybrid) Director Guang-Yu GUO
Dr. Jan Tristram Acuña (NTHU) Minimal dark matter model for muon g-2 with scalar lepton partners up to the TeV scale Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Hiroyuki Umeeda (ASIoP) Right-handed current contribution to B->X_ulnu decays and non-trivial topology in QCD vacuum Dr. Girish Kumar
Prof. Hikaru Kawai (NTU) Do different observers see the same physics? Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Satoshi Iso (KEK) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Complementarity and Propagation of Decoherence in relativistic quantum measurements Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Dr. Tadashi Okazaki (KIAS) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] M2-branes and plane partitions Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Prof. Chang-Tse Hsieh (NTU) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Anomaly matching and symmetry-constrained low-energy properties of 1d quantum many-body systems Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Prof. Dimitrios Giataganas (NSYSU) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Non-Local Observables, Universalities and Symmetry in Strongly Coupled Theories Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Dr. Sumit Ghosh (KIAS) U(1)_T3R model with light mediators Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
Mr. Yusuke Taki (YITP) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] CFT duals of three-dimensional de Sitter gravity Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Prof. Tie-Juin Hou (Northeastern U., China) Recent developments in the CTEQ-TEA global analysis Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
Dr. Karan Fernandes (NTU) & Dr. Ying-Hsuan Lin (Harvard Univ.) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminars] 1. Soft photon theorem from a CFT Ward identity & 2. Holomorphic CFTs, topological modular forms, and Moonshine Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Dr. Tanmoy Mondal (KIAS) Some phenomenological aspects of 2HDM Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
Dr. Arpita Mitra (Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Sciences) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Soft factors in the presence of small negative cosmological constant Prof. Heng-Yu Chen (NTU)
Prof. Di-Lun Yang (Academia Sinica) Subatomic swirls and beyond : spin transport in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
Dr. Masazumi Honda (YITP) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Digital quantum simulation of higher-charge Schwinger model with topological term Prof. Heng-Yu Chen (NTU)
Dr. Ipsita Saha (Tokyo U., IPMU) Higgs 'Alignment limit' and relaxed flavor constraint in a three-Higgs-doublet extension. Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
Dr. Mitsuhiro Nishida (GIST, Gwangju) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Scaling exponents of Mellin amplitudes for deriving bounds on flat space S-matrices from bounds on chaos Prof. Heng-Yu Chen (NTU)