Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Dr. Junsei Tokuda (IBS) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Gravitational positivity bounds: implications for the swampland program Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Prof. Shiwei Zhang (Flatiron Institute, USA) More is different: advancing quantum physics through computation Prof. Chia-Min Chung (NSYSU)
Dr. Dmitry Prokhorov (Academia Sinica) [NCTS Seminar - Particle Physics Journal Club] Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer: 1st year results Dr. Hugues Beauchesne
Prof. Tzu Ling Chen(Dept. of Photonics, NYCU) Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Fabry-Pérot Microcavities: Exploring Novel Optical Phenomena for Quantum Information Prof. Chung-Hsien Chou (NCKU)
Prof. Hong-Bin Chen (National Cheng Kung University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Adaptively partitioned analog quantum simulation for the nonclassical free induction decay of NV centers on near-term quantum computers Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan
Mr. Mir Afrasiar (Indian Inst. Tech.) Reflected entropy for communicating black holes Prof. Dimitrios Giataganas (NSYSU)
Dr. Hayden Lee (Univ. of Chicago) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Differential Double Copy in (A)dS Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. Soner Albayrak (Univ. of Amsterdam) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] A geometric approach to the perturbative unitarity in cosmology Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Prof. Frederick C. MacKintosh (Rice University) Broken detailed balance and active stress fluctuations in cells Prof. Pik-Yin Lai
Prof. Shin-Liang Chen (National Chung Hsing University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Certifying the degree of quantum properties using black boxes Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan
Dr. Sayid Mondal Reflected entropy and Markov gap in non-inertial frame Prof. Dimitrios Giataganas (NSYSU)
Wen-Chi Cheng (NTHU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] Searching for Exomoon Candidates from TESS Light Curves Dr. Min-Kai Lin
Dr. Kamran Salehi (Univ. of Amsterdam) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Kallen-Lehmann spectral decomposition in dS Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. Jin-Wei Wang (TDLI) High-Quality axions in a class of chiral U(1) gauge theories. Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Denis Kochan (Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences) Graphene spintronics - relaxation and proximity Prof. Pochung Chen (NTHU) & Dr. Jozef Genzor (NCTS)
Prof. Kai-Min Chung (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica) On the Impossibility of General Parallel Fast-forwarding of Hamiltonian Simulation Prof. Chung-Hsien Chou(NCKU)
Dr. Sheng-Hong Lai (NYCU) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Residues of bosonic string scattering amplitudes and the Lauricella functions Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Hsien-Yi Hsieh, Feng-Jui Chan, Chun-Wei Su, Chia-Kai Kuo, Hao-Jui Kuan, Ina Marie Rapisura Verzola, Yi-Cheng Wang, Yu-Chen Wei & Chih-Tang Liao NCTS 2023 Student Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony & Workshop 學生優秀理論論文獎頒獎典禮暨論文發表會 Profs. Guang-Yu Guo & Jeng-Da Chai
Prof. Siye Wu (NTHU) Discrete fluxes, higher-form symmetries and Ward identities Prof. Dimitrios Giataganas (NSYSU)
Prof. Chung Wen Kao (CYCU) Fallacies of Hope or Oracle of Delphi? Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)