Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Dr. Joshua Qualls (NTU) Modular Bootstrap in 2D Dr. Yoji Koyama (NCTS)
Dr. Issaku Kanamori (NCTU) What can one use Lattice Regularization for and Calculation of Matrix Elements Dr. Dharmesh Jain (NTU)
Prof. Chun-Wei Pao 包淳偉教授,Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica Graphene Defects from Molecular Simulations 陳煜璋老師 ※ Please register for lunch box before 2015/4/30(Thu) 12:00 Registration Website :
Dr. Joshua D. Qualls (NTU) Conformal group for D = 2 Dr. Dharmesh Jain (NTU)
Dr. Akira Watanabe (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Photon structure functions at small x via holographic Pomeron exchange. Prof. Kingman Cheung (NTHU)
Dr. Huitzu Tu 杜蕙慈 (Academia Sinica) Effects of Goldstone bosons on the initial fireballs of gamma-ray bursts Dr. Ho-Chin Tsai (NTNU)
Dr. Hector Ochoa (Donostia International Physics Center, Spain) Exchange and collaborative behavior of magnetic impurities in a disordered helical metal Daw-Wei Wang (NTHU)
Dr. Gaber Faisel (NTU) Exploring X-Ray Lines as Scotogenic Signals Dr. Toshifumi Yamada (NCU)
Prof. Jiang, Hong-Ren 江宏仁教授 (Institute of Applied Mechanics, NTU) Colloids under electric field and thermal gradient Hsuan-Yi Chen (NCU)
Dr. Joshua Qualls (Nat'l Taiwan Univ.) Conformal Field Theory Prof. David Lin (NCTU)
Prof. Wei-Li Lee (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetic topological insulator Prof. Shu-Jung Tang (NTHU)
Prof. Yeong-Cherng Liang 梁永成 (Department of Physics, Nat'l Cheng Kung Univ.) From device-independent entanglement detection to device-independent entanglement quantification and beyond Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu (NTHU)
Dr. Shoichi Kawamoto (CYCU) Existence of new nonlocal field theory on noncommutative space and spiral flow in renormalization group analysis of matrix models Dr. Yoji Koyama (NCTS)
Prof. Watson Kuo 郭華丞教授 (NCHU) Photon-mediated long-range induction between Josephson junction arrays
Arpan Bhattacharyya (Indian Institute of Science) Entanglement Entropy Functional in Higher Derivative Gravity
Dr. Joshua D. Qualls (NTU) Conformal group for D > 2
Prof. Kwei-Chou Yang (Chung Yuan Christian Unive.) Interacting (Phantom) Dark Energy with Matter
Prof. Pai-Hsien Hsu (NTHU) Evidence of VBF production in the H → WW* → lνlν channel at ATLAS Dr. Ho-Chin Tsai (NTNU)
Dr. Akira Watanabe (Academia Sinica) Photon structure functions at small x in holographic QCD
Dr. Shoichi Kawamoto (Chung Yuan Christian Univ.) Large-N Renormalization Group Analysis on a Fuzzy Sphere