Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Prof. Kwei-Chou Yang (Chung Yuan Christian Unive.) Interacting (Phantom) Dark Energy with Matter
Prof. Pai-Hsien Hsu (NTHU) Evidence of VBF production in the H → WW* → lνlν channel at ATLAS Dr. Ho-Chin Tsai (NTNU)
Dr. Akira Watanabe (Academia Sinica) Photon structure functions at small x in holographic QCD
Dr. Shoichi Kawamoto (Chung Yuan Christian Univ.) Large-N Renormalization Group Analysis on a Fuzzy Sphere
Prof. Tien-Ming Chuang (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Atomic-scale Visualization of Cooper Pairing in Iron-based Superconductors
Prof. Kazuo Hosomichi (NTU) Self-dual strings and 2D SYM
Dr. Joshua D. Qualls (NTU) Motivation and introduction to CFT
Prof. Su-Shing Chen (Systems Biology Lab, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA) Precision Medicine
Prof. Guey-Lin Lin (Nat'l Chiao Tung Univ.) Implications of IceCube measurements on astrophysical neutrino flavor ratios.
Dr. Takaaki Nomura (NCKU) Vector dark matter from SU(2)x gauge symmetry
Dr. Da Huang (NTHU) A study on models of loop-induced neutrino masses
Dr. Dharmesh Jain ( (Nat'l Taiwan Univ.) Sphere Partition Function of Semichiral Fields
Prof. Cheng-Rong Hsing (AS) Toward an accurate description of many body interactions -the application of Quantum Monte Carlo methods
Prof. Cen-Shawn Wu (Nat'l Changhua Univ. of Education) The electron-photon coupling in silicon-based quantum-dot system
Prof. Hsiang-Nan Li (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Jet substructures of boosted hadronic tops
Prof. Chi-Tin Shih (Department of Applied Physics, Tunghai University) Connectomics-Based Analysis of Information Flow in the Drosophila Brain
Dr. Eibun Senaha (NCU) Update on electroweak baryogenesis in the nearly-MSSM
Dr. Chaehyun Yu (Academia Sinica) Multi-Higgs double models with U(1) gauge symmetry
Prof. Ing-Shouh Hwang (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Interface-Induced Ordering of Gas Molecules Confined in a Small Space
Prof. Hai-Yang Cheng (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Revisiting Scalar Glueballs