A study on models of loop-induced neutrino masses

  • Event Date: 2015-04-15
  • Particle/String/Cosmology
  • Speaker: Dr. Da Huang (NTHU)  /  Host:
    Place: Room 621, Science Building 4, Nat'l Central Univ.

The origin of the tiny but non-zero neutrino masses is one of the fundamental puzzles in particle physics. One interesting scenario is to generate such small neutrino masses at loop level. In this talk, I will discuss a particular class of such models, which is interesting since it naturally predicts the neutrino mass matrix to be normal hierarchy, and gives rise to the large neutrinoless double beta decays. With the natural choice of couplings, it even determines the three CP violating phases and the lightest neutrino mass. I then discuss some specific models in this class, paying attention to its connection to dark matter and Higgs physics. For these models, we also consider the constraints from flavor physics and current LHC searches.