Higgs boson measurements at the LHC and non-local interactions

  • Event Date: 2022-12-26
  • High energy phenomenology
  • Speaker: Prof. Stathes Paganis (NTU)  /  Host: Dr. Girish Kumar
    Place: R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Title:Higgs boson measurements at the LHC and non-local interactions
Time:2022/12/26 (Mon.) 12:30
Place:R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Ten years after the discovery of the Higgs boson, we now know that we
have discovered the 4th degree of freedom of the Higgs field. The rest
three degrees of freedom, the masses of the W/Z bosons, were known for
40 years. The LHC data from run 2 showed us another important thing:
the masses of the fermions come from Yukawa interactions between the
fermions and the Higgs field density in the vacuum (vev). According to
the data and in full agreement with the Standard Model, the Yukawa
constant is the mass of the fermion measured in units of the Higgs vev
(246 GeV)! But what is the origin of the Higgs condensation? Where
does the Yukawa sector come from?

In this talk I will summarize the LHC run-2 results in terms of
anomalies we have observed in the data and thus motivate future
measurements. I will present my recent work on possible new BSM
sectors where towers of new heavy particles cause the SM point-like
interactions to appear smeared. These ideas can be formally
accommodated in the so called "Kallen-Lehman" representation which can
be used as a guide for searches for new Physics at the LHC. The role
of a new calorimeter (HGCAL) we are now building in Taiwan for LHC
phase 2, in the discovery of new physics, in particular in the
di-Higgs VBF channel, will be highlighted.

Time permitting I will very briefly mention our work on novel
superconducting single photon sensors we are developing, this time for
quantum non-locality related measurements and other applications.