The Cosmic Neutrino Background and Ultralight Dark Matter 

Speaker : Mr. Alejandro Quiroga Triviño (NCTS) 

Abstract :
The Standard Model of Particle Physics (SM) predicts the existence of the Cosmic Neutrino Background (CNB), which is a primitive radiation composed of neutrinos. The direct detection of the CNB in a laboratory remains a fascinating but nearly impossible task. The neutrinos rarely interact with matter, which is why they are extremely hard to detect. The detection of Dark Matter (DM) is another interesting challenge and focuses a lot of attention in modern cosmology.

In this talk, I will introduce my previous work regarding neutrinos and the perspectives for a new project focused on ultralight DM. For the first part, I will discuss the study of the processes called "Bremsstrahlung from the Cosmic Neutrino Background," and for the second part, I will focus on the idea of data analysis in gravitational wave detectors to look for possible ultralight DM candidates.