Quantum Resource Theories and Marginal Problems

Speaker : Dr. Chung-Yun Hsieh (University of Bristol, UK) 

Abstract :
Quantum resource theories, or simply resource theories, are powerful theoretical tools that enable researchers to quantitatively understand a wide range of quantum properties.  Their generality has enabled, among others, the quantifications of, e.g., entanglement, coherence, the non-thermal status of quantum systems, Bell nonlocality, etc. On the other hand, marginal problems are well-known in quantum physics and have drawn much attention from both foundational and practical perspectives. They originated from a famous question in quantum chemistry and many-body physics (the so-called ‘N-representability problem’), which aims to understand when a collection of reduced quantum states in a system is compatible with a single quantum state for the whole system. This talk aims to provide a general introduction to these two directions and report their recently found connections.