[NCTS Seminar - Particle Physics Journal Club] Treasure Maps for Detections of Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays

  • Event Date: 2023-02-20
  • High energy phenomenology
  • Speaker: Dr. Anatoli Fedynitch (AS)  /  Host: Dr. Hugues Beauchesne
    Place: R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Title:Treasure Maps for Detections of Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays
Time:2023/02/20 (Mon.) 12:30
Place:R517, New Physics Building, NTU

The origin of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays is a 60-year-old mystery. We show that with more events at the highest energies (above 150~EeV) it may be possible to limit the character of the sources and learn about the intervening magnetic fields. Individual sources become more prominent, relative to the background, as the horizon diminishes. An event-by-event, composition-dependent observatory would allow a "tomography" of the sources as different mass and energy groups probe different GZK horizons. A major goal here is to provide a methodology to distinguish between steady and transient or highly variable sources. Using recent Galactic magnetic field models, we calculate "treasure" sky maps to identify the most promising directions for detecting Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays (EECR) doublets, events that are close in arrival time and direction. On this basis, we predict the incidence of doublets as a function of the nature of the source host galaxy. Based on the asymmetry in the distribution of time delays, we show that observation of doublets might distinguish source models. In particular the Telescope Array hotspot could exhibit temporal variability as it is in a "magnetic window'" of small time delays. These considerations could improve the use of data with existing facilities and the planning of future ones such as Global Cosmic Ray Observatory - GCOS.