Fermionic Tensor Networks for the honeycomb Hubbard model.

Title: Fermionic Tensor Networks for the honeycomb Hubbard model.
Speaker: Dr. Manuel Schneider(Institute of Physics, NYCU)
Start Date/Time: 2023-05-10 / 14:30 (Taipei time)
End Date/Time: 2023-05-10 / 16:30
Host: Prof. Prof. Po-Chung Chen (NTHU)

Online Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86867205231?pwd=OTJVTURuVU9FVzkzR01kMVUwcGVvZz09
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Graphene can be modeled by the Hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice. However, this system suffers strongly from the sign problem if a chemical potential is included. Tensor network methods are not affected by this. I discuss how the electrons can efficiently be simulated with fermionic tensor networks and present our results for the honeycomb Hubbard model. We apply an imaginary time evolution to a finite-size fermionic Projected Entangled Pair State. This way, we can simulate both parity sectors independently. We calculate the energy and other observables in both sectors, which was not possible before with Monte Carlo Methods.