Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Kuan-Nan Lin (NTU) [TCA Student Seminar] Recent Fashions in Black Hole Information Paradox with Euclidean Quantum Gravity --- Island, Wormhole, and Spacetime Bubble Dr. Min-Kai Lin (AS)
Pei-Cheng Tung (NTU) [TCA Student Seminar] The Co-evolution of Dwarf Galaxies and Their Circumgalactic Medium Across Cosmic Time Dr. Min-Kai Lin (AS)
Li-Ying Chou (NCU)  [TCA Student Seminar] Scalar Gravitational Waves in the Universe Driven by a Minimally-Coupled Scalar Field  Dr. Min-Kai Lin (AS)
Tsung-Han Ai (NCU) [TCA Student Seminar] A Unified Model for Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars: Kinematic and Mixing Structures in HH 30  Dr. Min-Kai Lin (AS)
Hsin-Pei Chen (NTHU) & Yu-An Chen (NTHU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] Type Ia Supernova Progenitors and Surviving Companions within the Symbiotic Channel & Finding Mysterious Planet 9 in AKARI Image Dr. Min-Kai Lin 0329
Pei-Chun Tsai (NCU) & Heng-Hao Chen (NTHU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] Satellite-Magnetosphere Interactions at Outer Planets & Linear Instability Analysis of collective neutrino oscillation under turbulent media fluctuation Dr. Min-Kai Lin 0301
Mr. Wei-An Chen (NTU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] Quantification of Sub-parsec Scale Dense Core Arrangements with Fragmentation Number Dr. Min-Kai Lin This is an image
Ying-Chi Hu (NTHU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] Investigating star formation from an all-sky IR survey Dr. Min-Kai Lin
Yuri Uno (National Chung Hsing University) & Hsinhao Huang (NTU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] 
Exploring Extragalactic SETI and the Role of the MeerKAT Telescope
Cosmological Simulations of Two-Component Wave Dark Matter
Dr. Min-Kai Lin
Wen-Chi Cheng (NTHU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] Searching for Exomoon Candidates from TESS Light Curves Dr. Min-Kai Lin
Nai-Chieh Lin (NTNU) & Yin-Hao Wu (University of Leicester) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] 
Thermodynamics coupled to dynamics in the interstellar medium
Hear the Wind Sing: Distinguishing MHD Disk Winds from Turbulent Viscosity through Substructure Morphology in Planet-forming Disks
Dr. Min-Kai Lin
Tanvi Sharma (NCU) [NCTS Astrophysics Lunch Seminar] The W Band Survey: Water-bearing Brown dwarfs in the Rho Ophiuchi Complex Dr. Min-Kai Lin
Yen-Hsing Lin (NTHU) Evolution of AGN jets with different cosmic-ray composition
Chih-Teng Ling (NTHU) Pairwise velocity difference of galaxy clusters between observations and ΛCDM simulation
Somdeb Bandopadhyay (NTU/ASIAA) Towards Carbuncle-free Finite Volume Numerical Solvers for Compressible Flow Featuring Entropy Stable Finite Volume Schemes
Yu-Hsiang Weng (NCU) On extreme space weather habitability impact of TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets
Tien Hsieh (NDHU) Gravitational lensing and time delay by Kerr-Newman Black Hole
Reaction equilibrium in r-process of neutron star mergers
Ghostly galaxies: accretion-dominated stellar systems in low-mass dark matter halos
Dynamics and formation of the Hydrogen Plume in the Vicinity of the Saturn’s Ring