TG3.2: Strongly correlated condensed matter and cold atom systems

Category Title Event Date
Visitors Ms. Yi-Hsien Du (University of Chicago)
Visitors Mr. Yugo Onishi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Schools 2023 NCTS summer school on non-Hermitian and non-equilbrium quantum many-body systems
Seminars Many-body multipole index and bulk-boundary correspondence
Visitors Prof. Yasuhiro Tada (Hiroshima University)
Seminars [NCTS IAC Lecture] Nonreciprocal transport and diode effect in superconductors
Visitors Prof. Jeffrey Teo (University of Virginia)
Seminars Minimal unimodular integer quantum Hall states and their fractional descendants
Seminars Bosonization of Fermi surfaces and coadjoint orbits.
Visitors Prof. Dam Thanh Son (University of Chicago)