TG4.1: High-performance computation and machine learning

Category Title Event Date
Conferences Tensor Network and Quantum Embedding Workshop.
Schools Mini-workshop: Tensor Network algorithms and applications 2024.
Visitors Dr. Bartosz Regula (Center for Quantum Computing, RIKEN, Japan)
Visitors Prof. Ludovico Lami (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Seminars The Search for Low Dimensional Quantum Matter
Visitors Prof. Adrian Del Maestro (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA)
Seminars Competing itinerant and local spin interactions in kagome metal FeGe.
Seminars Solving the Impurity Problem Using Tensor Network States.
Schools 2023 Tensor Network and Quantum Computing for Strongly Correlated Systems
Seminars More is different: advancing quantum physics through computation