Conferences/Schools 研討會/短期學校

Event Date Title Category
2023 Summer school on First Principles Computational Materials Research- Advance Level Schools
STATPHYS28 Satellite Meeting – Emergence in Biological Networks Conferences
2023 Workshop on Quantum Science and Technology (QST) Conferences
NCTS-TCA Summer Student Program 2023 Schools
The 21th Workshop on First-Principles Computational Materials Physics Conferences
2023 Summer school on First Principles Computational Materials Research- Introductory Level Schools
International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations (ICSSUR) Conferences
Complex Systems Symposium 2023 Conferences
The Future is non-perturbative Conferences
TQCD, Spring 2023 Conferences
2023 NCTS-KIAS Workshop on Ab Initio Approaches to Quantum Materials Conferences
Taiwanese-German Young Researchers Forum on Quantum Information Science (QIS) Conferences
Plasmon, Polariton, and Quantum Electrodynamics in Physical Chemistry物理化學中的電漿子、電磁極化子與量子電動力學 Conferences
The 2nd NCTS/UCAT/NTHU International Astronomy Winter School Schools
NCTS 2023 Frontiers of Complex Systems Winter School Schools
NCTS Mini-workshop on Quantum Information Science among Mathematicians,  Physicists, and Engineers Conferences
Mini-Workshop on Highlights of 2022 Conferences
13th Taiwan String Workshop Conferences
中研院網格中心使用者教育訓練工作坊 ASGC User Training Workshop 2022 Conferences
2022 NCTS Annual Theory Meeting: Particle Physics, String Theory, Cosmology, and Astrophysics Conferences