Conferences/Schools 研討會/短期學校

Event Date Title Category
2022 AMO Summer School Schools
The 20th Workshop on First-Principles Computational Materials Physics Conferences
2022 summer school for physics and tensor-network methods in correlated systems Schools
12th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCrypt 2022) Conferences
2022 Workshop on Quantum Science and Technology (QST) Conferences
NCTS Phys-Math Joint Summer School on Quantum Information Science 2022 Schools
2022 Summer School on First Principles Computational Materials Research - Advance Level Schools
NCTS-ASIAA Workshop: Stars, Planets, and Formosa Conferences
2022 NCTS summer school on frontier topics in strongly correlated electron systems Schools
NCTS 1-day Workshop on The Nonequilibrium Green’s Function Technique for Nanoelectronic Device Simulations Conferences
2022 Summer school on First Principles Computational Materials Research- Introductory Level Schools
NCTS-TCA Summer Student Program 2022 Schools
The future is illuminating Conferences
NCTS HEP Summer Student Program 2022 Schools
The Fourteenth Particle Physics Phenomenology Workshop Conferences
The 2022 NCTS- MPICPFS international workshop on strange metal Conferences
Rapid Response Workshop on W Boson Mass Anomaly Conferences
Complex Systems Symposium 2022 Conferences
1-day workshop on Wannier-functions based Hamiltonians 2022 Conferences
2022 NCTS Math-Phys Joint Workshop on Machine Learning Conferences