Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Prof. Yen-Hsiang Lin (National Tsing Hua University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Development of Quantum Processor with Fluxonium Type Superconducting Qubits Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Dr. Justinas Rumbutis [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] 3d Massive Double Copy and Minitwistor Space Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Prof. Jiunn-Wei Chen (Dept. of Physics, NTU) Fun with QCD Prof. Yeong-Cherng Liang(NCKU)
Chun-Hao Lee (NTHU) Searching for Dark Matter in Gravitational Wave Detector Prof. Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Dr. Hugues Beauchesne (NCTS)  Is the decay of the Higgs boson to a photon and a dark photon currently observable at the LHC? Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Naoki Yamatsu (NTU) Gauge-Higgs Grand Unified Theory and Phenomenology in the Effective Theory Dr. Girish Kumar
Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (Dept. of Physics, NTU) Accurate and efficient quantum computations of molecular propertie Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Mr. Chi-Fang Chen (California Institute of Technology) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Matrix concentration in quantum simulation and quantum dynamics Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Black hole production on the celestial sphere Prof. Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. WeiMing Chen (Kobe) Classical Black Hole Dynamics from Quantum Scattering Amplitudes Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Chris Lau (Kobe University, Japan) Quantum Mechanics, Information and Black holes Prof. Chung-Hsien Chou(NCKU)
Dr. Yu-An Chen (University of Maryland) Pauli stabilizer models of twisted quantum doubles, and a new quantum cellular automaton. Prof. Ying-Jer Kao (Department of Physics, NTU)
Dr. Chien-Chang Chen (Department of Physics, National Taiwan University) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Generalized master equation approach to dynamical steady states of a strongly driven two-level system Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Dr. Ryotaro Matsudo [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Missing final state puzzle in monopole fermion scattering Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Dr. Pak Hang Chris Lau (Kobe University) Quantum Mechanics, Information and Black holes Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Martin Spinrath (NTHU) Dark Matter searches in KAGRA Dr. Girish Kumar
Dr. Huan-Yu Ku (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria) Complete classification of steerability under local filters and its relation with measurement incompatibility Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Prof. Hikaru Kawai (NTU) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Do different observers see the same physics? Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Mr. Hsin-Yuan Huang (Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, Caltech) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Provably efficient machine learning for quantum many-body problems Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Mr. Wei-Xiang Feng ( UC Riverside ) Gravothermal phase transition, black holes and space dimensionality Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)