Solid state qubits with industrial CMOS technology

  • Event Date: 2023-11-06
  • Quantum information and communication
  • Speaker: Dr. Ruoyu Li (Imec, Belgium)  /  Host: Prof. Tse-Ming Chen (NCKU)
    Place: R36173, 1F, Dept. of Physics, Building of Science College, NCKU

Time: 12:10, Monday, November 6, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Ruoyu Li
               Imec, Belgium
Title: Solid state qubits with industrial CMOS technology
Place : R36173, 1F, Dept. of Physics, Building of Science College, NCKU


Useful quantum computing applications require a physical qubit number beyond a million scale. Large qubit arrays need improvements in material quality and the fabrication process for good and uniform qubits, as well as layout optimization for an efficient analog control interface and qubit interconnect. Towards this end, we leverage the know-how of CMOS technology for scaling and integrate superconducting qubits and silicon spin qubits with advanced manufacturing technology. The advanced process control in a 300 mm fab can result in an ultra-clean interface and uniform performance, providing new insight into material properties, controlling circuits, and upscaling possibilities. We will discuss the potential and constraints for qubit manufacturing with an industrial fab line and take a deep dive into the spin qubit platform. Through full gate stack optimization, we achieve ultra-low charge noise environments and develop a microscopic model for the noise mechanism as well as future optimization directions. In addition to qubit fabrication, we utilize CMOS device and circuit technologies to gain a deeper understanding of the qubit device and develop novel cryogenic control protocols.