Exploring the Detection Limits of Dark Matter with the Square Kilometre Array

  • Event Date: 2023-02-14
  • High Energy Physics and Astrophysics High energy phenomenology
  • Speaker: Prof. Yue-Lin Sming Tsai ( Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS, 中國科學院紫金山天文台)  /  Host: Prof. Kingman Cheung (NTHU)
    Place: P512, 5F, 3rd General Building, Nat'l Tsing Hua Univ.

Speaker : Prof. Yue-Lin Sming Tsai ( Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS, 中國科學院紫金山天文台)  

Abstract :
The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope is renowned for its high sensitivity, making it a valuable tool for exploring dark matter (DM) particle signals in the MeV to TeV mass range. In this study, we assess the SKA's ability to detect DM signals in different astronomical systems, including halos of dwarf spheroidal galaxies (Draco and Segue 1), a radio-poor cluster (A2199), and an ultra-diffuse galaxy (Dragonfly 44). Additionally, we explore the possibility of detecting long-lived particles from DM annihilation in the Sirius system, which is believed to be a promising target for such detection. By utilizing the inverse Compton scattering and synchrotron radiation produced through DM annihilation, we will estimate the sensitivities of SKA1 and SKA2, with a 100-hour exposure, to both DM annihilation and DM-proton scattering cross-sections.