Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Dr. Patrick Copinger (ASIoP) A Study of the Schwinger Effect: Chirality Generation and Enhancement in an Axial Gauge Field Dr. Girish Kumar
Prof. Ting-Wai Chiu (NTU, ASIoP, NTNU) Symmetries of High Temperature QCD with Physical (u/d, s, c) Domain-Wall Quarks Dr. Girish Kumar
Chun-Hao Lee (NTHU) Searching for Dark Matter in Gravitational Wave Detector Prof. Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Dr. Naoki Yamatsu (NTU) Gauge-Higgs Grand Unified Theory and Phenomenology in the Effective Theory Dr. Girish Kumar
Prof. Martin Spinrath (NTHU) Dark Matter searches in KAGRA Dr. Girish Kumar
Anthony Francis (NYCU) Doubly heavy tetraquarks in nature and in lattice QCD - examining their properties and the role of diquarks Dr. Girish Kumar
Dr. Yen-Hsun Lin (NCTS) Searching for Afterglow: Light Dark Matter boosted by Supernova Neutrinos Dr. Girish Kumar
Dr. Junichi Sakamoto (NTU) Integrable field theories from 4d Chern-Simons theory with 2d systems. Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
Dr. Shu-Yu Ho (KIAS) A Scalar & Fermion Two-component SIMP Dark Matter Model Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Avani Patel (NTNU) Black Hole Shadow with Soft Hairs Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Arpita Mitra (NCTS) Soft factors in the presence of small negative cosmological constant Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Girish Kumar Role of rare kaon processes in the probe of general two-Higgs doublet model Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Hsiang-nan Li (IoPAS) Dispersive analysis of glueball masses Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Yi Chung (UC Davis) Connecting the B anomalies with the Hierarchy Problem Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Yasuhiro Yamamoto (NCTS) Search for the new force with the generalized King relation Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Chrisna Setyo Nugroho(NTNU) Detection Prospects of Dark Matter in Einstein Telescope Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Yuan CHAO (NTU) Recent updated results on Top Quark studies Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Prof. Feng-Li Lin (NTNU) Some implications to astrophysics from self-interacting dark matter and infrared physics of gravity Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta
Dr. Girish Kumar Lepton Dipole Moments in General Two-Higgs-Doublet Model Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Dr. Reginald Christian Bernardo (ASIoP) Gravitational wave signatures from dark sector interactions Dr. Dibyashree Sengupta