Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Dr. Yasuhiro YAMAMOTO (NCTS) New force search with precision isotope shift Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Masataka Watanabe [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Callan-Rubakov effect and non-invertible defects Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Prof. Chong-Sun Chu [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] On a New Model of Black Hole: Page Curve and Information Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. Jongkuk Kim (KIAS, Korea) Dark Matter physics with dark Higgs Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Heng-Yu Chen [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Explicit Late Time Correlation Functions in de Sitter from CFT Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. Reginald Christian Bernardo (IoP, Academia Sinica) Stochastic gravitational wave background phenomenology in a pulsar timing array Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Justinas Rumbutis [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] 3d Massive Double Copy and Minitwistor Space Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Dr. Hugues Beauchesne (NCTS)  Is the decay of the Higgs boson to a photon and a dark photon currently observable at the LHC? Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Black hole production on the celestial sphere Prof. Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. WeiMing Chen (Kobe) Classical Black Hole Dynamics from Quantum Scattering Amplitudes Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Ryotaro Matsudo [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Missing final state puzzle in monopole fermion scattering Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Dr. Pak Hang Chris Lau (Kobe University) Quantum Mechanics, Information and Black holes Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Hikaru Kawai (NTU) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Do different observers see the same physics? Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Mr. Wei-Xiang Feng ( UC Riverside ) Gravothermal phase transition, black holes and space dimensionality Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Yosuke Imamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) [NCTS-NTU String Seminar] Superconformal index and giant gravitons Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)
Yi-Te HUANG, Yen-Hsing LIN, Chin-Hsuan CHEN, Yu-Hsueh CHEN, Kuan-Hsuan SU, Yi-Chieh LAI, Wei-Yang LIU NCTS 2022 學生優秀理論論文獎頒獎典禮暨論文發表會 NCTS 2022 Student Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony & Workshop (Hybrid) Director Guang-Yu GUO
Dr. Jan Tristram Acuña (NTHU) Minimal dark matter model for muon g-2 with scalar lepton partners up to the TeV scale Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Dr. Hiroyuki Umeeda (ASIoP) Right-handed current contribution to B->X_ulnu decays and non-trivial topology in QCD vacuum Dr. Girish Kumar
Prof. Hikaru Kawai (NTU) Do different observers see the same physics? Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Satoshi Iso (KEK) [NCTS-NTU String Theory Seminar] Complementarity and Propagation of Decoherence in relativistic quantum measurements Prof. Yu-tin Huang (NTU)